Howz Your Credit???

Stay tuned to this section as we unlock the mysteries and
answer questions such as...

    What is this thing called a "credit score?"

    How is the score calculated?

    I just got a copy of my credit report but it doesn't
    show my credit score. Why?

    What is a "good/bad" score?

    I was turned down because my credit score was too low.
    How can I raise it and how long will it take?

    It's just bad stuff like collections, repos, bankruptcies etc.
    that lower your score, right? (hint: Wrong!)

    I had an unpaid doctors bill which I paid over a year ago but
    it still shows as unpaid on my credit. Why?

    My credit file is private and can only be seen by people to whom
    I give permission, right? (hint: guess again!)

    I filed for bankruptcy last year. Can I ever buy a home?

    I just lost my home in forclosure. Does this mean I'll be renting
    for the rest of my life?

    I'm going to rent out the other side of my duplex. Should I check
    the renters credit? What should I look for?